Do you need Financial and Leadership Development Services that will help move your small business, entreprenueral,  and leadership to the  next level?

I’m Donna Ferguson-Wright and I am an certify business leadership speaker, coach, and trainer.  I offer services that will Train. Redirect. Empower. Elevate emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and small businesses leaders in examining their personal, professional and leadership goals and passions. My missions is to equip leaders with concise plans and strategy to move their goals and dreams into the next level of growth. These services are provided through Master Classes Group, Individual/Group Coaching , Business Leadership Assessment, Keynote Speaking and TrainingWorkshops .  These services will use will help you level up to in your in your personal, professional, and businesses.


I deliver financial, leadership development and and other financial services that take the stress out of the DIY method. 


I work with emerging leaders, individuals, solopreneurs, small businesses, churches and nonprofit to provide financial services that are reliable and accurate and can take your financial health to the next level.


How about Tax Preparation Services that come with a simplified explanation of what you did well & where improvements can be made.

Or, would you love some done-for-you bookkeeping that keeps your business and back office flowing smoothly?

Known as the “Financial Health Advisor,” I can help you keep your finances in great standing by taking your jumbled and confusing bookkeeping & taxes and transforming it into an easy to understand and well organized accounting.

I ensure that you understand your numbers and are self-sufficient so that no one can pull the wool over your eyes in business.

100% satisfaction guarantee – because a satisfied, thriving clients make me a happy Financial Health Advisor.

So are you: Ready to take action? Tired of the DIY Method? Ready to grow your business exponentially? Ready to welcome less number crunching work?

Well I’m ready to work my magic and take the daunting task of managing your own finances off your hands




Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our impeccable services.

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John Maxwell Certified Member

John Maxwell Certified Member