Environment/Tight Shoes


  • Sometimes if you are known for one thing or area of expertise, your environment will want to hold you hostage to it for the rest of your life.

o   When you want it step out to do something great, it will blocks you.

o   When it’s painful clear that who you are now or your current situation does not work anymore, it still wants to hold you.

o   Example: once my husband was sharing that on one of his upcoming album that I wrote two of the songs. The person response was that he didn’t know that I could do anything else than accounting.

o   Maybe he was right then, because maybe that was the value that I had place on myself.

o   You see no one will ever value more than the value you place on yourself.

  •     Your environment can stifle your growth.

o   Image a child as they are growing. The clothes are getting tight and the shoes starts to burn.

o   If the mother decides that she wants that child to stay in that same state, she will never buy new clothes or shoes.

o   But thank be to our Creator, the Most High God, that whether she want to buy that new clothes or not that child is going to burst out of those clothes.

o   It is the same scenario with us, when it is time for us to make a shift in your personal, professional life, you will feel the growing pains.

o   You will sense that your current environment cannot hold you anymore.

o   I have heard it said that if your environment is not challenging you, it means that you have stop growing.

  •     Do not believe that everyone is going to be glad that you are changing even if they mean you well.

o   For some it might be that they are scared for you and they don’t want you to make mistakes. Maybe because they have tried and fail and stop trying.

o   I read somewhere that we should learn to start making failure be our friend because it is sometimes in failure that we grow.

o   Every change involved risk and sacrifice. If we are always worried about failure, we will never attempt anything.

o   Do not pay any attention to criticism. Move forward in it.

o   Some will even call you sell out, or that you thinking you are better than others

o   Or who do you think you are. But move forward anyway.

  •   Do not try to drag others with you.

o   We have a tendency that when we are faced with the growing pains and it is time to step out, we always want to drag others with us.

o   Remember your passion and dream or calling is different and unique to you. Another person may not understand.

o   If you try to take them on that journey, you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to take someone where they do not want to go.

So kick off those tight shoes and launch out into the deep and get ready of a haul.

If you can identify yourself in any of these points and you are not sure how to move forward are where to start?

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