Tax Payer's Corner

What Filing Status Should I Claim?



Stacey: I am coming to you because I think I am in big trouble. For the last couple years my husband and I have this great idea. We decided that we would each file a tax return. We just wanted a bigger refund. We use head of household because we have two children. All we did was use two different addresses.

Ms. Income Tax Preparer: Well Stacey you and your husband could find yourself in big trouble. first of all there are only two filing status for someone who is married. The couple can only file married filing jointly or married filing separately. The only way a couple can file head of household is if one-party does not live in the house for the last six month of the tax year.

In fact Stacy not only you be in trouble but if you are audited even your income tax preparer could be in trouble. You might find yourself repaying the over-payment you received. Not only that but you may face penalties. Your Income tax preparer may be fined penalties for negligence if you claimed earned income credit and he was aware that the information you gave him was not true.

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Donna Ferguson-Wright